Disaster of Nature (akumyo) wrote in hatetrade,
Disaster of Nature

Hate Trade Challenge 1- Voting

The first hate-trade challenge!

The rules are as follows:

1. You have one week from today to register for the trade. Comment below if you would like to play.

2. The contest will run for one month. That should be plenty of time to complete a trade. Especially one as idiotic as a hate trade. If everyone finishes their trades early we might have another challenge, or reduce the length of the next challenge by two weeks.

3. Please vote on the hate trade theme.

Here is a description of each of the options:

Gay Jokes- Draw the requested character(s) as stereotypically gay as possible for a cheap laugh.

MS Paint- You are required to make your hate-trade in MS Paint. Low quality is the key here.

Epic Hate- The opposite of MS Paint. Try shooting for the highest quality you are capable of. The goal is to make the person you are trading with vomit into their mouth a little.

Prom Night- Oh my gosh it's the prom! Pair your assigned character with a mystery date! What do they do at the prom? Get drunk, get pigs blood poured on them, or lose their virginity in the janitors closet? I've never been to the prom so I need to live my fantasies through the rest of you.

Guro- The goal is to make the picture as violent or bizarre as possible. Unlike "Epic Hate" it doesn't require high quality, but a good imagination can overcome anything.

Poll #1169816 Hate Trade Theme

What theme do you want, bitches?

Gay Jokes
MS Paint
Epic Hate
Prom Night
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